Larry O'Dea Ashley Anderson

Former Portland Police Chief Larry O’Dea is officially banned from working in law enforcement for at least a decade.

On Thursday, July 26, a state police review board revoked O’Dea’s police certification for 10 years as punishment for dishonesty. This decision comes as a result of two investigations that began before O’Dea retired in 2016. The investigations found that O’Dea had not only lied about shooting his friend while off-duty on a camping trip but also lied about his knowledge of a hostile work environment complaint.

The Board of Public Safety Standards and Training voted 14 to 4 to revoke O’Dea’s certification. Current Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw was one of the 14 board members who voted against O’Dea. ALEX ZIELINSKI

Portland’s convoluted rental market will become a little more streamlined.

At a July 25 city council session, Portland commissioners voted to approve a new data collection system that will require all landlords to register their rental properties in an online database. Currently, the city has no way of knowing how many rental units exist in Portland, where they are located, or how frequently they’re inspected for compliance with health and safety standards.

Before the council vote, Anthony Bencivengo, an organizer with Portland Tenants United, expressed his support of the new registry.

“This is a really positive step forward,” Bencivengo said. Ideally, he added, the database should also make it easier for the city’s new Rental Services Office—a department created to connect tenants to rent assistance programs, legal advice, or housing options—to contact renters at their homes in order to educate them about tenants’ rights.

All Portland landlords will be required to register their properties no later than April 15, 2019. AZ