Big shocker that cops want to be free to racially profile and go after all the brown and black people they want in any way they want (shoot to kill). People who are always bitching about taxes in this state should take note, however, that if the cops are doing the job of the feds, all that money you pay in taxes will be sucked up in their salaries and your towns will be turning over all their revenue to them. Is that what you want? Because it won't matter if the cops get rid of all the black and brown people in your town if you have no town left because there is no money to run it. The questions are: how racist are you and how dumb are you? Because once you give the green light to this, you can't go back!


Thanks Alex. A smart and sensible takedown of a dishonest pile of propaganda from our 16 mini-Arpaios.

M105 is going to be a referendum on what kind of state we are, and I fear that the nutjobs are better prepared for this fight than we are. We can expect to see all manner of social media disinformation, troll farms and interweb-fuckery, all getting a big assist from our sorry excuse for a "newspaper of record."

Push back, Oregonians! Take a stand for sanity, compassion and empirical fact and vote No on this horrid measure.

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