Yet another reason to simply make transit free, and to beef up the security presence to make it also safe for all regular riders. No need to do ticket/fare checks, but please do enforce laws against creepers, people yelling, doing drugs, harassing women, blasting music, etc. Free, clean, safe, and reliable transit, and we'd have a way more functional and pleasant city. One of the things I would absolutely be happy to pay more taxes towards.


1 So had she paid the fare? Didn’t see any assertions in the article that she did.

2 I think the court ruling is wrong. (We’ll see how the higher courts rule on appeal. ) Individualized suspicion is there to prevent officials from stopping you on the basis of race, sex, nationality, etc. It is to prevent discrimination. A mass stop that checks everybody is not discriminatory. A good example is when police set up road blocks and check all cars for DUI.


Reread the article. Says she paid but couldn’t prove it. And then she wouldn’t present identification, which is what got her in trouble.

There seems to be an implication that somehow race played in to this. The facts do not support that conclusion however.

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