"An elected official who’s quick to drop baseless accusations about opponents to improve her standing—while blindly ignoring substantiated and substantial concerns about her own conduct—has no place in our council chambers."

Funny, this describes Chloe Eudaly's behavior to a T, and you full-throatedly supported her and continue to support her. Kind of calls into question your collective wisdom, although anyone with half a brain will be voting for Smith as the far-lesser-of-two-evils.



"... although anyone with half a brain will be voting for
Smith as the far-lesser-of-two-evils."

So, Smith's got the half-wit vote. Good for her!
Besides, who needs Integrity when you can have a Real Politician?

(Say, Suavey, wasn't that Hillary's slogan?)

I wish I could move to Portlandia, just to vote for this wonderful Woman....
GO, Jo Ann Hardesty!
Best of Luck!


Sorry -- the "far-lesser-of-two-evils" slogan.
Not the Integrity vs. Profe$$ional Pol thing.
Just for clarity.


Hardesty gets the three brain cells bouncing against each other in a cavern vote, as demonstrated here by krusto the klown.


Loretta Smith gets the landlord and developer vote, as demonstrated by the huge amount of money she's gotten in contributions from landlords and developers (source: OreStar) and from FlavioSauve hurling his typical Trumpian insults.


Kall me Krusty, Slobbio!


Hardesty has gotten donations from real estate investors/developers too, albert. Specifically a huge contribution from indicted pedophile Terry Bean. So I guess by your logic, Hardesty has the pedophile vote all locked up.


We get it, Flavio. You like despicable, corrupt people to get into office.

By the way, you seem to comment on every single article and IA post in the Mercury. Where do find the time to do anything else?


Thanks for stalking me, blago, really makes me feel important and warms the heart. Where do you find the time to track all of my commenting activity? Hardesty is despicable and corrupt, as evidenced by funneling NAACP money into her own consulting firm's pockets. Smith's "corruption" pales in comparison. It's a choice between bad and worse, and I'm choosing bad.

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