I'd say keep the kids out of school but then the dumb parents will have to home school them and pass along their dumb ideas to their dumb kids.


...but I guess that's better than a bunch of dead kids.


"According to the OHA, a whopping 94 percent of Oregon parents claiming medical exemption in 2018 chose to watch the video rather than speak directly with a doctor." You can't get a medical exemption by watching the video. Only a doctor may sign a medical exemption.


The anti vaccine, anti fluoride people are truly some of the dumbest people on the planet. It's unfortunate their ignorance harms so many others.


Just require it for public / private school attendance like California did. We're literally getting all the anti-science nutters that fled California after they changed their rules. Let those folks go somewhere else.


It would be one thing if people's stupidity killed only themselves and their families, however that's not how it works. This is one of the many ways the stupidity of humanity is going to bring about the demise of humanity. Sadly, it will be painful and there will be a lot of suffering (between all of the diseases that could have been prevented and all of the poisoning of the air, water, and land). Humanity will go out with a whimper after a long, hard slog of excruciating pain and suffering.

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