Considering that the police have been caught giving Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer rides in city police cars to and from liberal protests where he has physically restrained, assaulted, and /declothed minors/, I'm sure the City Council will be unsurprised to hear that Portland will beleive there will be change when they see it.

This band of malignant fascist goons has been attacking Portlanders randomly for nearly three years now, and the cops have /facilitated/ it - active facilitated the violence. We need prosecutions, a full review of the police hierarchy, and /firings/. Nothing less.

The people of this city will not stand for fascist violence aimed at minors, LGBTQ people, students, and the left.This is our city, and a group of right wing terrorists that fit the profile of those that have carried out /every single terrorist attack in the Untied States in the last year/ will not - WILL NOT- continue this, with or without the police on their side.


'The people of this city will not stand for fascist violence...' I see you are also opposed to Anti fa. Thanks for at least being consistent.


This is a white hatred agenda prompted by the newest city council member who is extremely racist and anti-white.

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