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Funny that angry, loud activists like Eudaly and Hardesty, who never had any problem with these tactics when they were on the other side, are now discovering that it's not at all conducive to a functional government that the public needs. It's easy to shout, stomp your feet, and throw a diaper-pooping tantrum when you aren't responsible for the hard work of actually running things.

Of course, the irony is lost on Hardesty, who seems hell bent on dismissing it as a tactic when it doesn't align with her own beliefs. The rest of us had a big problem with it when groups like Portland Tenants United were doing it, and still have an equal problem when these pasty white bumblefucks do it, so at least we are consistent and not simply opportunistic when it suits us politically. You have to have a minimum level of decorum and process for effective government.


Eudaly and Hardesty did not use use "these tactics" in city council chambers. On the street, at organized rallies, the women in question did use tactics of street theater, but city hall's parade of indignant swine is in a different category. Because I have a job, I can only watch Portland. gov on YouTube -- but from what I can see, Portland's Proud Pouts use the tactics of domestic violence: shouting, hurling abusive slurs and threats, requiring physical restraint, using bright lights to harrass councilors and so on. They stalk and menace people who are just trying to do their jobs. Most of the time, Proud Pouts don't even make any sense. They appear to have no goal other than to posture and spout nonsense, much like the "patriot' group from Vancouver. I would like to add a gong and a muted trumpet to the meeting room. A citizen's group could be on hand to sound the gong when the abusers have worn out their welcome. The abusers could then be dragged off to the sound of "wah wah wah wah wahhhhhhhhh."


The distinction between "in council chambers" and "blocking the entrance to City Hall so no business could be accomplished" is a distinction without a difference. In any event, they need to crack down on this crap. There are myriad existing legitimate channels for people to petition their legislators, and our city functions should not be subject to the heckler's veto.

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