Frankly this social media campaign to ruin their lives endears me more to them, inane beliefs and facepalming strategies and all. Portland’s own Cersei Lannister the Anti-Feminist and just as endearingly messy. Bless her! Get her some more wine!


If you can't do the time...


I'm not involved with managing the business...however I'm tweeting from the official company account! Pulease.


Hey, look: It's Libertarians whining about the free market working against someone! Everyone at Reason is going to have to buy another pound of Ristretto, lest their locations on the east side start to falter as well. Don't worry: I'm sure when Nancy leaves this godforsaken mud-splattered hellhole for [LA again? Chicago? Austin? Vail? The Berkshires? Parker Posey's town in Upstate NY?), she'll dedicate 318 pages to everything she hated about it and will sign full-price copies for you.


Good luck to Schoolhouse Electric in its search for a coffee company that shares its values and complements its brand. A brand that stands for things like this $249 roll of butcher paper:

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