Landlords throwing temper tantrums in 5, 4, 3 ...


Listening to the stream of that floor debate reminded me once again that the Republicans truly are the Party of Stupid.

Dallas Heard is dumb as a pile of rocks.

Then there's this wackjob:


People need to think.


4) Starting with you.

SB608 isn't "rent control," so you fail. Try again.


"Senator Betsy Johnson, a staunchly moderate Democrat, voted against [SB608]."
Alex, "staunchly moderate" is Republican. If I wanted euphemisms I'd watch television.


"But, unlike Portland's set relocation costs (ranging from $2,900 to $4,500, depending on house size), SB 608 just requires landlords pay tenants one month's rent after a no-cause eviction."

This needs clarification Alex. SB 608 actually PROHIBITS no cause evictions after the first year unless the landlord cites a specific reason such as demolishing the building, major repairs, sell the property or having a relative move in. If the landlord cites one of those reasons, then they pay one month's rent to tenant. If they don't have a specific reason such as the above, then they CAN NOT make the tenant leave when the lease is up. Portland's relocation ordinance let's a landlord make a tenant leave when the lease is up if they pay the relocation fee.


Fuck Margot Black, she's as greedy and grifty as they come.

And renters, enjoy the new draconian leases that you'll be signing going forward, and multiple notices of even the most minor lease violations, as that gives landlords a way around the no-cause eviction prohibition.

You can't legislate around the fact that demand remains way higher than supply. Build a lot more, and it will provide a natural check against bad landlord behavior. One look at cities like NYC, SF, and LA will tell you this kind of rent control crap doesn't work and has lots of bad consequences for tenants, particularly new tenants who face higher prices and tighter screening requirements.

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