I think if you factor in the much smaller population of black students at PPS you will find that the arrest "rate" is actually nearly 14 times greater for black students than white students. Reporting the 2x number really underestimates how bad this problem apparently is.


It constantly amazes me that the myth that black people commit more crimes than whites is believed by anyone. Apparently no amount of objective statistical data matters and will never convince racists otherwise.

The police target people every single day at astronomical rates for simply existing.

White people really need to get their heads wrapped around that fact and be outrages and insist it stops, you know why? Because it will NEVER STOP UNTIL WHITE PEOPLE PUT A STOP TO IT.


*The police target black (and brown) people every single day at astronomical rates for simply existing.


This article is meaningless without more context. The real question that should be explored is whether there is a trend of white students (at these very schools) committing the same crimes, but getting away with it. Commenters here will say "of course there is", but without any evidence from these schools (even just anonymous interviews with teachers and students), the stats and article are pretty worthless.


A real journalist would have broken down all the arrests to determine which ones were actually crimes that warranted an arrest. If all 11 back students had actually committed crimes which got them arrested, what would whacked-out liberals say then?

I’m not saying police can’t be racist, I’m just saying it’d be nice to have ALL the facts before whining and crying about these legal adults that are somehow still in high school getting arrested.

And by the way, PPS has over 50,000 students and 11 black students getting arrested is somehow racist? 11 students out of over 50,000?


It's not surprising that the racial bias we see every day from police on the streets is carried over into the schools when you put police there as well.

What is surprising is that so many people still refuse to believe this bias exists and continue to believe that black people are getting what they deserve.

It's sad to read the comments of some of my fellow citizens and see how blindly they adhere to their racist beliefs despite all the data that proves otherwise.

Sorry, but as white people we don't have the right to lie to black people who already know what is true.


@ Christina Rae - are you suggesting that they don’t? Take a look at the stats - blacks commit murder at a rate 4x the general population.

FYI I don’t dispute that often minorities are unfairly targeted. Fully acknowledge this is a problem. But if doesn’t help matters to pretend that all races offend at the exact same rates - for many crimes there are serious discrepancies.

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