They're not shooing you away because you're kids. They do that to their grownup constituents too.

Our State Senate is a joke. Courtney, Burdick, Prozanski have all gotten way too comfortable. They need to go.


It's unfortunate, even outrageous, but completely predictable. The chair of the Judiciary Committee is from a very conservative rural area. In 2015 he supported the background check bill which passed. The gun lobby organized and came to within 2% of gathering enough signatures to recall him. Bravo for the students taking the first step, but it is going to take a lot of effort to get gun legislation through.


This draconian bill would turn virtually every firearms owner in the state into a criminal. Most hand guns as well as many rifles and shotguns are "capable" of holding more than 5 rounds. At least half of all revolvers hold six rounds. Many of the provisions in this misguided bill are unconstitutional and will do nothing to make Oregonians safer. It deserves to die in committee.


“and they won’t really talk to us about it, which is really disappointing.”

Um, welcome to being a gun owner concerned about onerous new laws that affect them, but won't affect criminals. Instead of confining your research to gun-control websites, did you even attempt to talk with the people it would actually affect? Probably a big reason why you lost. Never mind that there are literally thousands of other people wanting to have equal time with them.

And Prozanski is right. Last time there was a big hearing (SB941), he cut the public hearing short once the pro-side had exhausted speakers. The against side? There were a room full of people wanting to speak, some of whom drove over 6 hours to speak for 2 minutes. They were told to go home. When the House took up the bill, they let everyone speak at their hearing. But it took about 10 hours to do so (at 2 minutes each). Your bill was going to be even larger.


The bill was out of touch with most of Oregon, The legislatures from Portland dont represent the rest of the 80% of us who dont live in Portland. Oregon has always prided itself on working together. Though it has been dominated by corrupt liberals like Kitzhaber. What is happening is Portland politics is trying to destroy what we have as a state. Most us hate California politics and laws but here we are trying to outrun them in implementing more state regulation of our every day lives. Our youth shooting teams would not even be able to practice with the 20 round limit per month and even century old revolvers would be outlawed. This was not gun sense it was over reach. If you dont like it here move back to California.


Aircooled - ya might want to read the bill, including the exemptions. It exempts revolvers. NEXT!

And mirgc - so hearings shouldn't be held because they take too long? Brilliant. I should tell my boss my 9 hr workday is too long? Isn't it legislators' JOBS to get input from these things called VOTERS?

The students DID consult "experts" and talked to avid hunters and law enforcement. ALL they want is to feel safe in school. They don't want to walk into a classroom and determine which walls are concrete and which are drywall so they know where to crouch in case there's a shooter. They don't want to text "I love you, Mom" the next time there's an active shooter drill because they don't know IF it's a drill. They don't want to pick which student will be the one to tackle the shooter - and they actually DO have to do that in some schools.

You object to the bill, come up with solutions. Don't ignore the reality WE'VE created for these kids.


Meaning no disrespect to the authors of the bill, Most of the provisions of SB 501 are already covered in other legislation waiting in committee, i.e. storage requirements, magazine restrictions, definitions of weapons classes. The limit of 20 rounds of ammo/ month and background checks to purchase it were prima facie reason to doom that bill. I use 5x that on an afternoon of target shooting and I'm using bolt-action relics. If I were a competitive shooter in a traditional 3 gun match the amount of ammo used goes up from that. The bill also does not address the root causes of violence. For more info on root cause mitigation, see here:


This bill was a joke and it is obvious that people who wrote it and zero experience with guns. This would have been terrible policy and I would laugh in anyone's face who tried to defend it. Maybe try something not so radical and wouldn't turn a million Oregonians into criminals.


J. Colvill- the bill provides an exemption for shooting ranges and would allow for more ammunition to be used within the building. The goal of the ammunition limit is to protect us against shooters like the one in Aurora, CO who had bought 4000 rounds within just a few months. Also, the students have begun to make amendments to the bill so that magazine limits are changed from 5 to 10 to accommodate for six shooters.
The bill's not perfect right now but it will not make regular Oregonians who want their firearms for self-defense into criminals. If you can pass a background check and keep your weapons out of reach of children, you've got nothing to worry about.


California gun owner here. None of these laws which California already has on the books have prevented mass shootings, which California still has


How is turning law abiding taxpaying cirizens into criminals going to keep you safer? Its not and never has been honest hardworking gun owning us citizens who aer the cause of mass shootings...all this misguided and inept childrens bill written by people who have zero real world experience will do is make it easier for criminals to rib shoot and kill honest does nothing to keep a gun from the hand of a lunatic..they could careless about gun laws and sure as hell wont be buying a gun from a dealer or having a background check done..if there is no threat of citizens having guns for self-defense then the crime rate will sky rocket
..why do you think these lowlife cowards who go to schools and kill children??? Because there is no threat of defence from anyone at a school..if there was then they migjt think twice...if these cowards were not they would go to a police station ...but no ..they go to defenseless schools and have no chance of dying..and no death penalty either so what's worst that happens? They get a warm bed and 3 meals a day ...go after stricter and harsher penalties for murder and this will stop....but taking law abiding citizens 2nd amendment rights away does only make it worse

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