Haha same, phlegmmy. I want the kind of life where I have so few real problems that "I didn't get to inconvenience a neighborhood of people for my hobby" is this devastating to me.


Too bad you left out the best comment by Go By Bike founder Kiel Johnson, "Losing never feels good but there are certainly worse reasons to lose besides my city prioritizing the requests of community groups that have historically not been listened to which is something we need to do."

Because, yes, the city really wanted this for the active transportation folks, but those folks realize that listening to the black community was more important.


Temporary social justice apparently more important than continuing to mitigate the long-term effects of climate change (which will, ironically, have a disproportionately greater impact on poor/minority populations). If this is the calculus for these kinds of decisions going forward, we really are screwed.


Really seems as if this was a win-win.


7th street? Or 9th street? But what about 8th street -- hmmmmmmm?

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