"It’s time for us to step back and say,
'How does the community want to be policed?'”

Wait a sec -- I thought the Law and Order crowd was In Charge of the police's policing of the community. What's this? Some (obviously-Commie!) organized assault on the Po-Po's own 'Just Us' Policy? How does 'the Community' even know what it wants?!

They need to lie back, Enjoy it
and we'll just keep on doing it
just like we Always have.

Go, 'Patriots'!


Smart, capable woman with a huge heart and a commitment to justice. I'd vote for her for Mayor if she ran.


Dear God what a pompous twit.
"What about slowing down the city’s placarding mandate for Unreinforced Masonry Buildings (URM)?" - To be clear, the elected government made a decision and then she "I don't wanna". That alone should have been enough to see her kicked to the curb.


@pcashman, I donated to joann and I voted for her. I don't agree with her about the URM but she has been able to clearly state why she did what she did I am somewhat convinced by her argument. I hope to see some progress on the issue over the next couple of years but if anything the manner she has handled it only confirmed why I supported her in the first place.


Good job setting a record for typing in "twit".


"We respond to every email and phone call, even if it’s about something we don’t know much about. It doesn't take a lot to just let someone know, "I heard you."

Her statement is a lie.

I wrote to her sometime ago and she's not replied or had staff reply about like and my son's lives being in danger.

The mayor, Ted Wheeler, has known for years years and has ignored every cry for help me and my child have sent him for over two years at this point.

Both the newest city council member and the mayor know we haven't had a working stove or oven in almost a year and that the manager harasses us to the point we are scared to go outside.

Jo Ann is lying when it comes to her above mentioned statement.


@7 Suffering in pdx

Do you have any proof that she is lying (dates of contact, methods used, copies of the communications)?

Also, maybe the Mayor and City Council aren't the best people to be contacting about your stove and rental issues. Have you tried the Community Alliance of Tenants? They might be better positioned to help you with your issues.

Anyhow, good luck with your stove, I know from experience it's tough to cook without one.


"We throw 'affordable' around like it’s one-size-fits-all. But what’s affordable for me may not be affordable to you."

Perhaps Ms. Hardesty might want to do the whole "explaining to voters" thing she champions (and rightly so) earlier in the interview, and let constituents know that, when it comes to housing policy, "affordable" is a term of art that has always meant a certain percentage of median area income spent on housing costs, and NOT "affordable to anyone, regardless of income or lack thereof." Call it "lower-than-market" housing, or call it "subsidized" housing (which it is and has to be), but this is one of the most universally misunderstood and ill-used terms in housing policy discussions.

I'm actually somewhat pleasantly surprised by Hardesty, and very willing to admit she has done better than I initially would have expected. I still have plenty of criticisms, but the straight talk approach is nice. What I would love to see is someone like Hardesty paired up on the council with a replacement for Eudaly, who is a tremendously dumb, incompetent, and know-nothing demagogue who sits on her phone during public hearings when she isn't handing out taxpayer money to her campaign contributors for utterly unnecessary re-branding projects.

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