We need to de-militarize our police forces. All of the bloated extra money going to the Pentagon gets tons of equipment shoved out to law enforcement. We do not need militarized police. We need to go back to LESS ARMED, LESS VIOLENT, LESS REACTIVE law enforcement. Cops need to stop murdering people and when they do murder people they need to be removed from duty FOREVER and indicted and prosecuted and (hopefully) imprisoned. We need communities that look out for each other instead of call the cops on each other for asinine reasons like "my neighbor is existing while black." We need to take down the weaponry and the violence in this country, everywhere, by about 99%. Enough already. And we need to be demanding our right to protest ~ a right protected by the Constitution. Violent protesters, they need to go to prison too. Just looking at the cops vs. the people is like a dystopian vision. Enough with the head to toe riot gear. Enough with the unwarranted violence against the public, the very people who pay police salaries. Enough of the government sanctioned, taxpayer paid murder squads.


"I come with the intention to fight," she told Larson. "And then you get mad because I kicked your butt."

No, you come with armor and weapons and a note from the principal saying you're allowed to beat up everyone you want and if anyone punches back they're going straight to detention. That's not a schoolyard fight. That's institutionalized violence and bullying. Outlaw is a stooge and needs to be replaced immediately.


"One man who only identified himself in an Oregonian interview by his first name, Anthony, suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was hit in the head with a flash-bang grenade—a loud pyrotechnic police use to disperse crowds. The grenade lodged itself in his bike helmet and split open his skull."
So this hero passed on a possible claim against the city? This anonymous person told a story. At least pretend towards objectivity and slip a couple "alleges" or "allegedly" in there. The picture in the Oregonian looked like what a 9 year old would imagine if they were told "imagine what it would look like if this big bullet thingy were pounded into this helmet by the Hulk". If "Anthony" can't be bothered to tell his story while at risk of perjury, stop treating it as fact.


Police don't let Fire & Rescue treat the wounded, avoiding injury reports.
They are able to do this because it's established protocol that "first on scene' calls the shots.
Thus one sees County EMTs shamefully standing with their backs to the wounded.
That gave rise to EMTs, nurses & doctors of conscience forming Street Medic groups, and to cops targeting them for their compassion.
I don't know why we're expected to then trust PPB. They shoot everyone in sight, including tourists & journalists... everyone but their WA State bro's.
STOP HIRING OUT OF STATE COPS who don't live or pay taxes here, and whose kids won't lose their community centers and pools this summer so cops can have 3 firing ranges and lots of "less than lethal" toys to play with... and so the Mayor who ran on police reform can pass the buck to yet another outside group. No clue why he so blindly trusts cops, given the parade of PPB Chiefs who've "retired" in disgrace amidst internal cover-ups.
City Council should stop representing the police & start representing the community.
The police have a union to represent them... one the City lawyers & Council like to roll over for...
We didn't elect PPB, so why do they get to run our town and gobble our budget?
They're WA-state wolves preying on PDX sheep.
Please make it stop.


It's totally outrageous that these ignorant goons are hired as cops in the first place, then they protect the goons that come from out of state to harass, bully and beat up others they don't like, and then these hired goons protect them and shoot projectiles at and beat up and arrest those who come to protest the violence and hatred. Then they lie and lie and lie about what they've done, and they don't get fired for the bad behavior and lies.
A big part of the solution is to require all cops to have a bachelor's degree in liberal arts, where they study literature, history, philosophy, psychology and sociology, so that they come to opened minds and world views and learn some empathy, along with the values of honesty and integrity.
At the very least, at this time, a police chief with this kind of background and opened mind is needed now. This Outlaw woman is running the police force like an outlaw mob.
Being black doesn't appear to have taught her anything about injustice. When will we get a mayor who chooses a decent chief? The last one we had was Tom Potter. Potter was also the only decent mayor we've had since Bud Clark, just not cut out for the hard work of the mayorship, unfortunately.

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