Give the people who create your wealth the fucking raises already, Burgerville. You can afford it,


What effect will a $5 per hour have on prices? Their burger is fine, but it's no 9 or 10 dollar burger.


Your contention being a $5 per hour, per worker raise at a small group of local fast food joints won't effect prices? That's a lot of money, so where does it come from?


That $5/hour also comes with social security taxes. it costs the employer much more than just that $5. And studies from Seattle have shown that these increases result in no change in cost to employers because they basically cut back on hours to keep their costs the same. The wage increase also slowed the rate of new employees entering the workplace as employers worked to keep their skilled workers for longer.


@6 - Correction; your particular definition of "fair wages", there is no reason to assume the wobblies figure of what constitutes "fair" is any more reliable than anyone else's.
As for how much, well that's just the negotiating now that we've established there is a price. Prices will go up, but we don't know how much.


Unreal that a buger flipper....literally a job that any 16 year old can do....would insist on an immediate nearly 50% wage increase (assuming going from $11.25 to $16.25 an hour). So they are saying that when they initially took their current job, they accepted it even though they felt their skills were 50% undervalued? Complete BS.

Also, they expect to be paid substantially more than the thousands of other burger flippers or fast food managers in Portland for what reason.....? Are the working conditions at Burgerville particularly dangerous (like the coal mines of the burger industry)? Do they have particular skills or training that other burger flippers don't have? I can completely see how the company would be upset and a little standoffish by this ridiculous slap in the face of a wage hike request. Complete amateur hour on the part of the union.


I'm pretty sure I'm not tipping at Burgerville. Or any other fast food joint. Just NOT going to do it.

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