Veronica Rose
After the August 8 death of Brad Swet and Brandon Blackmore, two arborists who were taking down installations from Pickathon in Happy Valley, the music fest and GuildWorks (the company the men worked for) came together to launch a fundraiser to benefit the victim's families and honor the men's legacy.

Both Swet and Blackmore were experienced arborists, tree-lovers and friends who worked on Pickathon for multiple years. And from the eulogy included on the GoFundMe page, it sounds like Swet and Blackmore were the kind of compassionate humans we need more of in this world.

Brad Swet and Brandon Blackmore Memorial Fund

Brad Swet and Brandon Blackmore Memorial Fund

Funds raised will be evenly split between the families. Brad Swet’s family will dedicate their share of funds to help cover funeral expenses and conserve timber land in his name; Brandon Blackmore’s family will donate towards nature conservancy programs in his name. So far, the campaign has raised nearly $33,000. Let's keep it going.