"If you want to build a condo [the city will] roll out the red carpet and put the red tape away. But if you’re a small business they don’t make it easy."

Actually, it's really difficult to permit and build housing in Portland too, hence why we have seen housing prices skyrocket over the past decade.


not 100% surprised, the one time I went into the pub - which is quite nice - I was completely alone with the bartender the whole time, at a normally peak hour. Personally I think it's more a matter of location than anything else, as the product is good, too.


@ #1

There are number of reasons why Portland's rent and housing costs have skyrocketed over the past decade (commodification and consequences from the failure to provide foreclosure relief in 09-11 being chief among them) but the permitting process is way down at the bottom of that list.


@ #3 Housing wasn't "commodified" prior to the last crash? News to any housing market in the U.S. in the last 200 years...

Should have mentioned zoning, however, instead of just lumping it in under "permit and build," since under the zoning you are limited to one or a handful of units on huge lots with huge setback requirements.


I am not far right, nor right of center and I still find Cider Riot to be complicit in hate mongering disguised as anti-fascism. One of the big problems facing leftist causes right now is labeling people who don't happen to agree with everything going on on the left the far-right. There are plenty of moderate democrats who are going to be pushed in the republican party simply because they have been pushed out and made unwelcome in the democratic party. This is especially a dangerous game to play in Oregon which although has leaned blue for some time, it has only done so by a hair. The tendency to make generalizations like the author has in this article can easily tip the scales in favor of republicans.

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