News Sep 26, 2019 at 4:00 am
Hannah Ahern sits handcuffed shortly after her August 17 arrest. Stephanie Keith / Getty Images



is there anywhere to donate for her legal expenses?


Hell, I just got off probation for being driven into by a MAGA hatted moron in his truck, protesting that stupid March 4 Trump in Lake Oswego. In the end, the public defender managed only to get one of the four charges dropped, and the jury ended up finding me guilty of... standing in the street, where hundreds of other people were (because there were no sidewalks)...

The biggest lesson I learned? Did you know that if you can't afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you? Did you know that, here in Oregon, if that lawyer wins, the courts pay them, but if they don't win? Then you still have to pay the lawyer you couldn't afford in the first place


First thing I notice in the video is there are no other civilians anywhere near her, and apparently a line of police keeping back a crowd in the background. Looks clear she walked into an area she was not supposed to be. Also doesn't look like she was cooperating later when the officers had her. Why should we believe her story of just crossing the street? Because she's female and the other side of the story would come from the police? Its morbidly entertaining to see how pathetically one-sided your news stories are as you endlessly jerk off to the proud boys drama.

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