Thanks #1 for totally clarifying the FACTS. Your analysis is totally not offensive or biased or insulting at all. Some fools may think that this is an effort by the City to improve public involvement but you've helped us all understand that it's really about evil people with personal agendas, trying to rule the world beginning with land use, which is not you at all. Keep being so terrific. Someday when these marginalized communities get it right, you'll happily allow them to participate. When they EARN it, like you did.


What are you talking about? There is near unanimity about the need to move forward. Your post is a perfect example of the unnecessary pettiness that has marred this conversation. No one objects to making the city processes more inclusive. The only reason this has been delayed is that Eudaly blew it. She couldn't get even a single vote to support her proposal.


"...Hardesty told the crowded room. “I will not support anything that divides our community more."
That's Hardesty for you, the Great Uniter. Unless you work the wrong job ( cops) or are the wrong skin color (anything paler than Pantone 7402C), or obligate her to follow a regulation she doesn't like (URM signage), in which case you must not be part of the "Community" she is referring to. The woman is just a monumental racist.


Quoth Jamie Duhamel: "So. Much. Privelege."

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