News Nov 21, 2019 at 4:00 am

Portland’s At Risk For a Major Oil Spill. Can Fossil Fuel Companies Be Held Accountable?

Fuel tanks along the Willamette River in Northwest Portland would be vulnerable to breaking or spilling during an earthquake. Aaron Lee



The City of Portland wants this property. Prime waterfront.
This is the second article that I have read about problems with the talk farms, although in my 69 years in Portland I can’t recall it ever being a subject before.
It’s only a mother of time.


“Matter” of time.
I’m a dork.


If you don't think the risk is real, your head is in the sand.


There are pros and cons to using fossil fuels. I think the environment has been deteriorating due to the continued use of it. However, we are still in transition to using electric vehicles. A lot of vehicles are still running on fuel products. Just recently, I fixed my ATV fuel parts and I have no other choice but to use fuel because electric vehicles can either be too expensive or not yet accessible to many.


Good article! Thanks

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