News Dec 5, 2019 at 4:00 am

Property lost in Portland’s sweeps of homeless camps keeps the city’s most vulnerable at a disadvantage.



Two weeks after her pain medication had gone missing, Fry’s friend handed her a syringe. “He said, ‘Here!’” Fry says. “It was the only thing I could grab. I had no other options. What was I supposed to do?”
...And she thinks the City cleanup crews are the cause of problems in her life? Way to indulge the oblivious Mercury.


The city of Portland has a law on the books.14A.50.020 Camping Prohibited on Public Property and Public Rights of Way. Maybe camp in an area less prone to loosing your "brand new tent and sleeping bag." (that was probably ripped off by another homeless person) and spider bites (dirty needles.) Funny, my old junkie girlfriend used to call them spider bites too. Way to go Mercury, another non-news item.


And when the Billionaires destroy our homes
we won't look to them for restitution
knowing how much it means to them
to live as Gods among men.*

if they're Lucky.


"If somebody came into your house when you were at work and threw out your personal possessions, you’d get pretty freaking upset. How’s that any different from a sweep?"...

Because it is not your freaking house numskull... And the persons house that all of that stolen "personal" property is piled up in front of does not want to deal with it or you.

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