I support campaign finance limits, but...

When you've lost in court, that's NOT "legal limbo." It means you lost. You get your appeal, but treating the trial court like it's meaningless is just incorrect, and I'm sure Mr. Kafoury knows that.


Uh, Euphonius, when a case is on appeal before a higher court, the outcome is still most certainly in limbo because an appellate court can overrule a lower court's ruling. That's the whole point of appellate courts, to review lower court decisions for error, specifically for error on points of law. Once the Oregon Supreme Court decides, only then will it be the final word on the matter, at least until another similar case winds its way up the ladder.


Oh jeez, the resident idiot is now lecturing us on how the law works. Please don't humiliate yourself any more, Bevis.


I'm an actual attorney, Euphonius. You're a dipshit leftist ideologue in over his head.

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