Well, if lots of them gather close together (with their assault rifles) like they did in Michigan then those five counties will have cases within two week or so.


Let them gather and get each other sick and kill each other.

"The economy" is not a thing. There are people working, doing jobs where they earn money and then turn around and spend it (our "economy" is 70% people buying things). If people are sick and dead there will be no economy.

Stupid people demanding we all die so they can reopen something that cannot be opened without a healthy and strong work force need a big dose of reality.


This is easier than rounding them up and gassing them I guess. Can we give them some “blankets” while they protest?


Protests right now are a waste, because the only people that will see you are the people you're there protesting with, and the police arresting you for violating the order.


Did anyone happen to notice that the female from the Eugene area only used her first name and her occupation was Stay At Home Mom. Why should someone who has the LUXURY to stay safely home organize a rally that could affect when the rest of us WORKERS, who will be leaving our safe homes, while she sits on her backside and lives off our TAX money. If she is so proud of her stance then why not use her full name?


It's just going to be the same dumb fuckers from Vancouver, isn't it?


I think this virus has highlighted how superfluous and unnecessary these people actually are. If what they did was essential, they'd still be doing it. No one who's out there working right now WANTS to have to keep going out and risking their lives. But as it turns out, this mob of already superfluous people they would rather die than acknowledge that they were unnecessary even before this. Apparently they're so hopeless they're happy to spread disease if it's the only mark they'll ever make on the world. Instead of following an economic death cult that never cared the tiniest bit for them anyway, they should take this time to improve themselves so that they're in less of a lousy position when the world gets back to normal. But they won't, because they have forgotten or never learned how to think.

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