Blair Stenvick

Mayor Ted Wheeler's reelection campaign has shirked some of Portland's campaign regulations, according to a letter sent by the city's elections office Tuesday afternoon.

"After an investigation," writes City Elections Officer Debroah Scroggin, "I have identified three violations of city campaign regulations. I am issuing this letter of warning and education."

Wheeler's campaign is accused of failing to disclose its top donors on his campaign website, on its Facebook page, and on its Twitter page. Each missing disclosure adds accounts for one violation.

The city's campaign finance regulations require candidates disclose the names of its top five donors on any campaign "communications to voters," including campaign websites and social media pages. In addition, campaigns must include the names of each business they've been employed by over the previous five years.

Wheeler has to until May 5 to add these missing disclosures to his website and social media pages—or he faces fines of up to $3,000 for each violation.

In the meantime, we'll share the information Wheeler's campaign hasn't disclosed. Currently, Wheeler's top donors are Local 48 Electricians PAC, which has donated $95,000; Peter Brix, a "venture capital investor" and heir of a barge company who has donated total of $43,500; Melvin Mark, a commercial real estate company which has given Wheeler $31,791; and Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors PAC, which has given $25,000. His campaign's fifth-largest donor is a tie between seven entities—including Kroger, American Beverage Association, Portland Metro Firefighters PAC, an environmental attorney, and leaders in the real estate and manufacturing industries.

Wheeler decided against participating in the city's Open and Accountable Elections program this election cycle, meaning he's not restricted from taking large donations. He's also chosen not to adhere to campaign finance limitations approved by Portland voters in 2018, as the measure has been stalled by a legal challenge.

In total, Wheeler has collected $139,547 in campaign donations in 2020.