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New statewide guidelines make it mandatory for members of the public to wear masks while riding public transit.

According to Gov. Kate Brown's Friday announcement, transit agencies must "require riders to wear face coverings and provide one for a rider that does not have one." Riders will be required must wear a mask unless they have a medical condition that makes it hard to breathe while wearing a mask or have a disability that prevents them from wearing a mask. Or, unless they're a baby.


In a news release, TriMet explained the transit agency will start requiring riders wear face masks on Wednesday, May 20. TriMet will install face mask and hand sanitizer dispensers on all bus and MAX trains, and offer them to riders who stop by the TriMet ticket office. The announcement comes with another rule change: Riders wearing masks can stand as close as 3 feet from one another.

This news comes a week after TriMet announced its drivers would be required to wear face masks while working. This announcement also coincides with the day retail shops have been allowed to legally reopen across Oregon—along with restaurants, bars, and other businesses in 31 Oregon counties (Multnomah County is not one of them).

Learn more about TriMet's current COVID-19 regulations here.