Craven s.o.b..




Ted Squealer.


Wheeler is center-right at best. He's a rich kid from a rich family who made their fortunes raping our old-growth forests. What do you expect?

His fascistic tendencies come out whenever he's under the slightest of stress. $1000 each for rubber bullets? No problem. Terrorizing his own citizens for speaking their minds? Check. Trying to demonize black-lives matter protestors for the right-wing media? Drive through!
Allowing his right-wing provocateurs to run rampant, while letting his dogs loose on his own constituents who are trying to stop them? GOT IT!

How much more are the passive liberals in Portland going to take from this deranged rich-kid?

Get rid of him! We need a real progressive in Portland.


Ha, ha, ha....what's that sound I hear???

Sounds like a hammer nailing shut Wheeler Boy's political career.

Yes! Gas your own citizens, so you can look tough for your red-neck buddies in Tillamook?

--from WWeek
Ted Wheeler cut ties with the foundation in 2005, during his bid for the Multnomah County chairmanship, after questions arose about some of the foundation's donations.

An August 2005 article in WW noted the foundation gave $15,000 to Bill Sizemore's anti-tax foundation and numerous additional five-figure checks to right-wing organizations.


--from WWeek
The family timber company eventually merged with others to become Willamette Industries, which sold to Weyerhaeuser in 2002 for $6 billion. At the time of the sale, Wheeler's father, Samuel, controlled 1.5 million shares worth about $83 million, according to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings.


Your career as Mayor is over Wheeler Boy!
Last time I checked, the constitution is on the protestor's side. Your fascistic tendacies will cost the tax payers in this city millions of dollars.

Tear gas, "less" lethal weapons and Injuries to unarmed children and adults caused by Ted Wheeler's Dogs:


Good for Mayor Wheeler, finally demonstrating some courage in the face of the mob.

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