No fees to enter - the right to engage in commerce minus the need to pay for it? Can't help but think such tactics have been tried before, and all came to a similar conclusion - that without some kind of internal funding (e.g. taxation) you'll just end up a) disorganized and collapse or b) mooching off the very territory you supposedly gained your independence from - oops there went your "independence".

Thanktully it does not sound like any leaders of the blm movent endorse this as anything more than a temporary Lord of the flies type demonstration...the buffoon Jay inslee on the other hand of course took it seriously. It is another chance for him to use someone else's struggle to engage in a pissing contest with the president as some weird kind of recompense for his own failed bid at the oval office.


Rich, I completely disagree with your characterization that this CHAZ takeover is just a happy fun street party by a lot of nice kind folks seeking justice. I see it is a threat to the people who live there and the businesses who operate there. And it is a mischaracterization to claim these protests have been peaceful. I saw the riots. I hold all the protesters responsible, not just a few because they enable and encourage it. Even acts in the CHAZ such as defacing property with slogans, keeping businesses shut and forcing police to leave are all acts of violence, not peace. I'm an older American and when I hear talk by city officials of disbanding the police it terrorizes me. It would leave the most vulnerable citizens in harm's way and give license to criminals to have free reign. Protests and takeovers are a huge source of unnecessary stress and angst for most of America in a time of pandemic.

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