Disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful. Every department in the city is going to see larger percentage cuts than this thanks to the recession, so this is less than a "slap on the wrist"for PPD. Meanwhile, they are still gassing and violently assaulting our young people every night with their badges covered, out of control and totally unaccountable. Thousands of people have protested, thousands more have petitioned "our" representatives for real change and the City Council just gave us the finger.


How dare Hardesty ask where these young white people were, they were in school, they were unaware due to parents who shielded them, they were too young to conceptualize the horrors. Does she understand that most of the protesters are in their 20s and that the protests are being led by young BLACK people? Also, how dare she say because she’s older and has been doing this longer she knows best. That just means she’s out of touch with teens. It’s quite obvious she’s just another “mature” adult who thinks that their experiences are more valid and important than the visions and dreams the young are asking to be made reality


“... The only way forward is defunding and disbanding the police bureau."
That’s nothing but Crazy Talk.
I guess that the two people stabbed to death in the middle of the afternoon Tuesday, south of Buckman Fields Park ... ain’t no big deal.
I guess the gun battle – with injuries – that took place near the front of my building (Lloyd Center area) a few days before Christmas ... ain’t no big deal.
I guess the fatal shooting of a man at NE 21st and Broadway last fall ... ain’t no big deal.
I guess that the periodic gun play in and around Holladay Park and Lloyd Center ... ain’t no big deal.
Three deaths and at least half a dozen other gunfire incidents within half a mile of my residence in the last ten years ... that IS a big deal!

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