This article goes into great detail over "What Was Accomplished During Oregon's Whirlwind Special Legislative Session?" when it comes to policing, which is nothing.

Well, that's not entirely true. In answer to the call for change, the legislature did ensured Oregon police have the legal right too use tear gas against peaceful protestors who commit the crime of exercising the first amendment.

For every other pseudo change in policing law, the legislature provided a loophole to ensure it was unenforceable. Talk about performative politics leading to nothing. I'm sure the corrupt police union is thrilled with the outcome.

This is why the public has given up on police reform and is calling to defund. The Oregon legislature has shown once again that government is incapable of reforming itself and politicians have no interest in seriously curtailing the abusive police tactics that are often employed on their behalf.

Defund, Defund, DEFUND!!!!

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