Portlanders have been out everyday for over a month demanding change. We haven't seen any meaningful change. I think the fact that whole city hasn't been burned to the fucking ground demonstrates that the people's intent is peaceful. If no meaningful changes occur soon, I wouldn't bet on the peace continuing. Portland ain't seen violent yet and I hope our tone deaf leaders collectively pull their heads out of their asses before we do.


For the police, violence is their only tool and violence is all they respect. Because citizens like me oppose all violence, they show utter contempt for our peaceful request for them to demilitarize and stop their war on peaceful protestors.

Not everyone is willing to be a peaceful protestor laughed at by the police for our unwillingness to resort to their level of violence. If they face violent protestors, it's because they have ignored all the peaceful requests for reform those like myself have made.


Instead of spending $50K on chemical munitions every month, they should put that money into buckets and install huge fans around the justice center. When the crowd gets out of hand, they can point the huge fans in the direction they want everyone to disperse and dump a bucket of $10 bills into the vortex. The flying cash would not only scatter the entire crowd in the direction of the wind, it will also change their mood from sour to gleeful for the duration of the evening, ensuring they won’t come back until the next day, AND stimulate the economy.


Not really. Some Portlanders have been out having their tantrums. The rest of us have just been rolling our eyes and waiting for you to get distracted by the next shiny object.


@4: I think my fear is that for people with your view, George Floyd was the fist "shiny object."



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