Local goon meets with federal goons to coordinate oppression of minorities. People in charge pretend not to know. Business as usual.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Those assholes haven't seen real resistance yet. The laws of the universe dictate they will.


Phil Ochs wrote these words fifty-two years ago, about the LAPD-they remain true for the force in Portland and most other places:

"Farewell to the gangster,
we don't need him any more.
We've got the police force
theyr'e the ones who break the law.
They've got the guns and they're the haters-
they shoot first, they shoot later".


The 2nd amendment! Call in the National Guard and have them boot the fed trump army and put down the police. Finally, a valid application of the 2nd amendment!!!


The resident of the White House can federalize the National Guard.

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