This is a few years old, and Transit cops are ....not gone, just no longer staffed by PPB officers....the rest of this remains pertinent IMO.

"Clean & Safe has another dimension: it’s part of the local Community Court program, and is where folks sentenced to community service are forced to work as a condition of their sentences. Between August 2002 and July 2012, 15,561 people were ordered by the court to perform community service. Those folks are forced to do leaf and trash pickup for downtown businesses in the Clean & Safe District......a mechanism for the Portland Business Alliance to effectively force low-income folks to provide free labor for the Clean & Safe Program."


That refers to fare evasion citations and a specific arrangement which is still current per Trimet's website. How many other 'nuisance' crimes are using a "fine-or-community-service system" which some people can afford to buy their way out of?

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