Fuck you Ted


I keep looking at that video of "Jay" from 2017, and I just can't see the resemblance to the two photos available of the "Jay" from last night. Patriot Prayer has confirmed that its followers use aliases, and they use Joey's last name (they say to prevent easy doxxing by their opponents). I think it's quite probable that they are two different people, these two "Jays."


So the news comes out that Reinoehl was Antifa and brought a loaded gun. I saw video and it looked to me like an execution of a rival party. Perhaps tit-for-tat after Kenosha. 100% predictable that something like this would happen. And a truly sad commentary on the state of our civil society. Killing each other over political differences is not acceptable. Mayor Wheeler has proved to be completely incompetent, like a bad parent that can’t get two unruly kids to behave. I know everyone wants to blame Trump - and certainly he has exacerbated the dynamic - but 1) there are extremists on both sides and 2) Trump isn’t mayor of Portland, Wheeler is.


4 apparently believes that far right/white supremacist groups that come into Portland from out of state- repeatedly, from as far away as Texas, to intimidate, beat, brawl and shoot at people aren't properly described as terrorists.

Not sure what else he has in mind- but that would be the media's designation in any other context.

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