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Multnomah county

Good morning, Portland! Time for your morning coffee bong rip:

Now that you're nice and relaxed, here are the headlines.

• Portland police took their aggression against protesters a step further yesterday by attempting to break up a protest before it had even begun. As protesters gathered in Kenton Park last night, Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers tore through the park, taking people's shields and signs—including a "Register to Vote Here" sign—and prolifically pepper-spraying people. Once protesters made their way to the police union building nearby, PPB declared the sidewalk in front of the building closed. PPB arrested 24 people in total. Read this piece from OPB's Sergio Olmos for more details.

Oh, and there's also this worrying development:

• With no end in sight for the economic fallout of COVID-19, Governor Kate Brown has extended Oregon's statewide moratorium on residential evictions due to non-payment of rent to the end of 2020. Brown has also called on the Oregon Legislature to take action before the end of the year to cobble together a longer-term solution for tenants at risk of eviction—but it's still not clear what those protections could look like.

• In case you missed it: This past weekend also saw an aggressive police response to protesters, journalists, and observers—and Gov. Brown made it all possible. Our own Alex Zielinski breaks it down in the latest Hall Monitor.

• A Northeast Portland retirement home has been hit with a COVID-19 outbreak, which is affecting 14 residents and seven staff members so far. One of the residents who tested positive told KGW he felt the home was "totally unprepared" for the outbreak.

• Speaking of the coronavirus: The global death toll for COVID-19 has now passed the 1 million mark. And experts believe that number is really only the tip of the iceberg.

• More great reporting on Amazon from Reveal:

• Part two of the New York Times' expose of Donald Trump's tax returns was published yesterday. This part focuses on how The Apprentice provided credibility to Trump and allowed him to claim he was a billionaire—even though he was (and is) in millions of dollars of debt.

• The first presidential debate is tonight, starting at 6 pm. It will be moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace, which seems like a great idea. If you're a glutton for punishment, you can stream the debate for free on YouTube.

• And here is your one allotted piece of good news for today: The next season of Top Chef will be set in Portland!