i’m reminded of the scene from Terry Gilliam’s classic “Brazil” in which the family of the man who died while the government was interrogating him was delivered a bill for his interrogation.

my dad taught college courses about genocide. he taught me growing up that he doesn’t believe in justice. he always said he believed in things like kindness, gentleness, art. i always took him seriously even though i never agreed with him about justice not existing.

frankly, after the last year i’m beginning to wonder if he was right.


What a waste of money to babysit moral posturing social justice warriors. How about the Mercury doing an article on the child labor in Bangladesh making throwaway t shirts for these posers, or the sweatshops making their sneakers, or where the iphones come from that they all stand around holding to document their adventures? Or would that disrupt the narrative of the self righteous hypocrites incurring $8M in expenses, plus who knows how much damage to the city and the lives of people this impacts, who only "care" about other people when its convenient and absolves them of responsibility?


Gotta wonder what kind of social services $8M in taxpayer dollars could buy us instead.

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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