No shit. Just add it to the long list of Trump's human rights violations. Fire every cop on the force and start over. Defund back to the stone age. No military gear, no tear gas, civil servant salaries, must live where they police, must know their neighborhoods, must be prosecuted for murder if they kill, must be fired if they shoot or otherwise cause bodily harm to any civilian (not their job, despite their doing it EVERY SINGLE DAY). Make it impossible for cops to shoot their weapons or murder people without serious consequences (no jobs, no pensions, prison) and just like that the police will magically transform into being able to do their jobs without shooting or killing people.


I wonder if there were any observers in August and September, when it seemed like the Portland Police escalated, even beyond this, the violence and open human rights violations.


There is some remarkably precise cut and paste-ology in the reporting of this group's allegations. The full comment about access to medical care is actually about a 2018 DHS policy letter. If you have to lie to make your point, maybe you're advocating for the wrong thing.


Note to self: Fire department is complicit with pigs.


I really wish we could rebrand the police as Safety Officers with brightly colored uniforms and vehicles. Also, change their mission statement to focus on human safety and have each Safety Officer paired with a Social Worker.
If only we had a Police Commisioner with a spine and a decent attention span.

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