• Before we start, I have a serious question for Trump supporters: How in the WORLD can you stand behind a weak, crybaby like this? I'd really like to know.

There's that toxic masculinity I keep hearing so much about. But, do you really want to know? OK. Well, it's complicated but I can honestly say that a rather durable, sizable chunk is me paying to Good GOD Almighty that Trump causes WW3 and I get to see nukes... RAINING DOWN FROM THE WEST and wiping out every last one of you mfin smug PsOS. I wish I was kidding. You have no idea how much I wish I was kidding...

I thought I'd happen much, much sooner but... you know... things do seem to be coming along and a Biden presidency... (lol, 24 DNC candidates any of which would've been better that Biden... the corrupt DNC still rushed "My Turn" Biden to the front). Anyways, a Biden presidency is just as good. China or Russia. Which hand do we want up our country's ahole? Hm...

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