Oregon votes by mail. This is total insanity and 100% playing into Trump's fear mongering bullshit.


All it takes is one asshole, be they Dumb Anarchist or an agent provocateur, to break a window or throw "big enough" rock at a cop, and law enforcement will have their "justification" to gas hundreds if not thousands of people.


Kate Brown = The Impeached One. She's the only person in power that loves to govern by Executive Order more than he does. Move over Tear Gas Ted! Here comes Chemical Kate!

Can we please recall her immediately? The big mistake the recall petitioners made was not soliciting signatures in Portland. We need a Governor who respects the people of Oreogn, not one who does everything in her power, and beyond, to keep citizens from having a say in Government.

While you've all been focusing on the evil in DC, a (D)emon has been taking over at our doorstep.


i was not pleased to see a police officer standing outside the elections office and having to walk past him to place my ballot in the box.

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