Ryan lied to get elected and showed his true colors once in power.
Mapps is beholden to the entrenched powers embodied by the Neighborhood Associations and the PPA.
I see a lurch to the right and am open season on Hardest. And unfortunately businesses will continue as usual with the PPB protecting and serving out of town right wingers instead of the people of Portland.


It's clear Ryan feels greater loyalty to a corrupt police department than the people of Portland who "read his lips" on his false promise to re-purposing money from away from police violence to support greater funding for this in need. Ryan can see the same homeless and impoverished people you and I can see and decided the solution if for the city to spend more money on tear gas and settling police misconduct lawsuits. The only thing missing from they Ryan campaign is a photo opt of corrupt police commissioner Turner giving him a pat on the head.

We need to ensure Ryan pays a political price for choosing police corruption over the will of the People of Portland.


There is overwhelming support for changing policing in Portland; people were in the streets for 120 nights, JoAnn Hardesty was elected, and that’s as far as its gone.
Where is the new first response plan?
Where is the PPB re-org?
Where is the police union reform?

All these things were requested, voted for, and promised. Where are they? Somehow, when it’s time to stop talking and act, City Council is absent, including Hardesty who was elected specifically for implementing policing system reform.


Subtitle: "Political Analysis from the Timbers Guy and his three friends"


Neither Eudaly, Hardesty nor Iannarone are anywhere close to the ballpark of being true to the cause of people and planet.

They have revealed themselves to be totally uninformed about sustainable, peace-loving lifestyles and sustainable, democratic cities and communities and, even in many ways more importantly, interacting gracefully and civilly with other people. They have toxic personalities, and they are narcissistic bullies, like Trump.

They could have taken a page from Erik Sten, the longest-lasting city commissioner in modern Portland history, who had a lot of progressive projects and was able to get other commissioners on board with them by being respectful and considerate of others.

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