Around 2,000 women are murdered in our country every year. The percentage of transgender murders is not any higher than any other demographic. In fact a trans woman who is not a prostitute is statistically far safer than a real biological woman. Also there's no such thing as a transgender child, teaching kids they can choose their gender and pushing them into medical intervention will be the greatest crime against this generation of children. The harm is already being done, there are 17,000 detransitioners on just one reddit conversation, mostly woman under 25. Go read the Keira Bell ruling.


Sara Lee is either an idiot, a liar, or both. First off quick googling shows her number of murders are wrong. The second sentence is unverifiable for a numbers of reasons but mostly due to irregularities in reportings state by state making no number actually reliable, the third is an opinion that has no basis in reality at all, that statistic simply does not exist.

Next denying the existence of transgendered children does not make it so. Followed by the fact that nobody teaches that a child can choose their gender. I certainly didn't choose mine, it chose me. Did you choose your gender Sara? What we teach children is that it's ok if their biological sex doesn't match their gender identity. Nobody pushes medical intervention on children, it gets offered when there's potential for it to be beneficial to the child's overall health. Also in regards to de-transitions, Do you believe everything that you read on reddit?

Lastly what the actual fuck does a judge in the UK's opinion on medical transitioning for children have to do with medical facts or the USA?

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