Remember this picture the next time someone says We should try harder to understand them.
Remember this picture the next time someone says "We should try harder to understand them." Jon Cherry / Getty Images

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WELCOME TO "TOO... MUCH... NEWS" DAY! But to kick things off and put what happened yesterday at the US Capitol (a failed coup perpetrated by Trump-supporting fascists) in perspective, here's a video of the President and his administration egging on and celebrating the traitors. (And they owe a special apology to singer Laura Branigan for partying to her hit "Gloria.")

• OH, YOU WERE SMART, AND COMPLETELY SLEPT THROUGH YESTERDAY? Here's the CliffsNotes version of why everyone is currently (and rightly) out of their goddamn minds today: A insurrectionist mob of Trump supporters and violent Q-anon sycophants literally stormed the US Capitol yesterday, leaving four people dead in their wake. But after five hours of occupation, lawmakers returned to put the final stamp of approval on Joe Biden's coming presidency. You can get the play-by-play of the day—and reaction from Oregon leaders—in the Mercury's liveblog.

• Top Democrats (including Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and more than 100 lawmakers including a few Republicans) have threatened to start impeachment hearings if Vice President/mama's boy Mike Pence does not invoke the 25th Amendment, which would transfer power from the megalomaniac-in-chief to the Veep and cabinet. As Pelosi aptly put it, and as Trump has already clearly proven by his erratic, seditious actions, “While it’s only 13 days left, any day can be a horror show for America.” (Psst! Even Trump's former chief of staff John Kelly thinks his former boss should be removed, and even some of Trump's own senior officials are openly talking about it. OUCH.)

• WHOOPS, this just in: Mewling mama's boy Mike Pence is against invoking the 25th Amendment. So impeachment it is!

• The Capitol Police force are in pretty deep shit today for the way they mishandled the throngs of terrorists streaming into the Capitol—some armed with loaded weapons and zip-ties clearly intended for hostage taking. Besides far right online forums clearly indicating their future violent actions, the capitol police were clearly (perhaps willfully) unprepared, as some of the officers were seen standing aside to allow the interlopers into the building, and (WTF?) even posing for selfies with the chuds. (They're like a living advertisement for defunding the police!)

• VERY MUCH RELATED: One thing that the police's response to the Trump insurrection clearly demonstrated is the racial double standard between how white domestic terrorists are treated as opposed to those who marched in honor of Black lives.

• Washington's US Attorney has so far charged 55 Trump-supporting fascists with various offenses stemming from yesterday's failed coup, including unlawful entry, assault, theft and weapons charges (one suspect was in possession of a military style semi-automatic rifle and 11 (!!) Molotov cocktails). AND DON'T GET YOUR HOPES UP, BUT... the US attorney also said they would not rule out pursuing charges against Trump himself for his role in inciting the attack.

• Facebook and Instagram announced they are disabling Trump's violence-invoking accounts until the end of his presidency. This is after years of coddling, defending, and therefore encouraging his behavior, so on behalf of the rest of us I say to these social media giants, "Thanks, finally, I guess? Oh, and go fuck yourselves."

• And lest we forget about the raging pandemic that's still raging, this headline: "Los Angeles is reporting one Covid death every eight minutes." Also, while everyone was watching chuds invade the Capitol, yesterday marked a new nationwide death record for the coronavirus, with 3,915 people dying from the virus in a single day.


• Washington, DC wasn't the only gathering place for violent right-wing extremists yesterday. They also gathered outside state capitols across the country, including Salem, Oregon. Mercury contributor Suzette Smith has a must-read rundown of that locally crafted clusterfuck, from her on-the-ground reporting.

Mayor Ted Wheeler was reportedly "swatted" last night while eating outdoors at a restaurant in NW Portland after a group of critics confronted him. Our Alex Zielinski has the details.

• A Republican Oregon lawmaker, Rep. Mike Nearman, has been accused of letting a group of violent Trump chuds into the state capitol building on December 21, allowing them to breach a special session, terrorize lawmakers, and injure an officer. House Speaker Tina Kotek says they are exploring options on how to deal with Nearman after he put all their lives in danger. (Just spitballing ideas here... but maybe throwing his ass out of state government might be a good start!)

• In MUCH better news, Kayse Jama, the executive director of immigrant and refugee advocacy nonprofit Unite Oregon, was appointed to fill the seat for Oregon Senate District 24, which represents East Portland. The seat was vacated by Shemia Fagan after her November election to the Oregon Secretary of State's office. Jama will be the first Muslim to serve in the Oregon Senate.

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• THE WEATHER REPORT: Possible early showers tomorrow with a high of 49, and a much sunnier Saturday!

• And finally... welp, life comes at you fast!