Regarding that t-shirt cannon; all I keep hearing is that the President will sign the Relief Plan into law "later this week"....What the hell is that all about? Just walk it over there, hand Biden a fucking pen, and signed it into law already! What is there to think about here? What preparations are there that need to be made in order to have a fucking piece of paper signed.
Also, why did they wait until today for the final vote? Yesterday would have been good. Monday even better. What the hell else were they doing? Oh, that's right, they needed their 3 day weekend. Then Tuesday they needed, well, I don't even fucking know. Fuck it. Just stop taking your sweet ass time doing simple fucking things. Put the bill in a god damn manilla envelope, throw it in your little overpriced suitcase, walk with your fucking legs to your bulletproof Cadillac, and tell your driver, "1600 Pennsylvania Ave."
Jesus God.

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