If only there was some sort of investigation into various publicly funded law enforcement organizations’ collaborations with established disinformers and violent political extremists across political spectrums.
On second thought, that’s a crazy idea 😉


Being bros with the police and coordinating with them doesn't make him look better, it makes the police look worse. FTP


This is pretty fucked up, these are the same cops that used to beat down Critical Mass cyclists and peaceful BLM protesters, but this will continue until you purge the police at all levels of the fascists, racists and bullies who are already embedded.


"The FBI has known about his political commentary and role in planning events and counter-protests in Portland and other cities since at least July 2020 and arguably benefitted from that knowledge in efforts to gather intelligence about Antifa in Florida and Antifa networks operating across the United States," the document reads. "Nothing acquired by the government... nor any of Biggs’ actions since his release supports detaining him now."

My conclusion for this is not that Mr. Biggs should be released, but that the criminal organization, the Portland FBI should be incarcerated right along side him.

From COINTELPRO to the recent FIFA law breaking to Ruby Ridge in between, the FBI has always acted as a major criminal organization within the US that should have been brought down under RICO with all it's members incarcerated years ago.

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