This is excellent! Imagine being able to take over 5000 cars off the roads FOR REAL, too. I miss taking public transportation.


The new Tri-Met vehicle livery color scheme (Dark Blue with Orange 'racing' stripes) is racist. Fleeing the scene of a failed attempt to clear-cut miles of Barbur Blvd forest canopy for a land-grab, Tri-Met director Doug Kelsey picked those colors to subconsciously signal to motorists that people who ride transit are "criminals" and people of color. Dark Blue is near the same color as Multnomah County prisoner transport bus, and what color outfit are the prisoners wearing? Orange. Plus, the 3 diagonal "racing stripes" infers a 'racist' bigotry. Good people drive cars. Bad people take mass transit. Buy a car today and pray global warming is a hoax.


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