Some also have laws that only state residents can be police. In NYC, they only hire residents of New York for example, even though just across the Hudson River lies NJ many areas of which are rather (relatively) quick commutes into the city. We have Portland, OR cops living outside of Oregon, including Vancouver across the Columbia River from the city.

Portland cops should be Oregon residents, preferably with a far higher number from Portland and living here.


@2 This has been an issue for decades, so what was their excuse 10 years ago?


I hate to tell you, but cops will live in insular enclaves even if they are required to live in the jurisdiction they patrol; NYC cops live in Queens, Staten Island, etc. with others of their kind, and not the general public. The problems with policing in this country are deeper than this.


For decades, Portland Police have abdicated any responsibility for public safety. They've done as little as possible about real crimes by real criminals and spent their time abusing black and brown people, the homeless and the mentally ill. They loathe Portland.

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