This week, Gov Brown signed a bill that sets a date for PGE and Pacific Power to generate 100% renewable electricity. Unfortunately, she was seated outside for the signing in front of two freight trucks, probably Freightliner electrics which should be considered a crime against humanity. What? Here's how the distribution of limited battery resources spells trouble:
'1' BEV freight truck battery pack of 550kwh
‘8’ BEV delivery van packs of 125kwh
‘30’ BEV Tesla ‘S’ sport sedan packs of 85kwh
‘140’ PHEV Chevy Volt packs of 18kwh
‘500’ PHEV Prius class packs of 5kwh

Huge freight truck battery packs deplete in less than 2 years at 150,000 miles.
Large delivery van packs last 5 years. All sedan packs last 10 years, but plug-in
Hybrid packs last another 5 years as low-power household backup power supply;
not as simple to do with larger BEV sedan packs which are also more expensive to
replace. A household EV is the ideal match to rooftop solar PV arrays and neighborhood
mini-grids that PGE and PP&L oppose based solely on their bottom line profit margin. In an emergency grid failure, household EVs keep the lights on, fridge, stovetop and communication devices working. The smaller battery pack of PHEVs match to consequently smaller, simpler, less expensive rooftop solar PV arrays for many more households than BEVs.

In other words, Gov Brown takes orders from the trucking industry and automobile related business interests who will continue business as usual polluting the planet for fun and profit and of course significant investment in their golden parachutes.

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