A Portland police car
Mathieu Lewis-Rolland

Update August 28, 5:30 pm:

Portland police killed Alexander Tadros, 30, during a shootout Friday morning. Tadros is the third person Portland police have killed this year.

Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officers were serving a warrant for Tadros Friday when he threatened to shoot the agents, according to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB). PPB officers were called to the scene to support the federal officers.

Tadros fired at least one shot at the officers, striking one PPB officer in the hip, before two PPB officers returned fire and killed Tadros. Tadros died from a single gunshot wound, according to the Oregon Medical Examiner.

Joshua Howery and Jake Ramsey, the PPB officers who shot Tadros, are both on paid leave while PPB investigates the shooting.

Update August 28, 7:30 am:

Portland police officers Joshua Howery and Jake Ramsey returned fire during Friday morning's shootout that ended with one person dead and another police officer wounded.

The shootout started after Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers responded to a North Portland apartment building to support federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officers who were serving a warrant. The victim threatened to shoot the federal agents, which prompted them to request support from PPB, according to a PPB press release.

The victim shot through a wall of the apartment building, striking a PPB officer in the hip, and Howery and Ramsey returned fire. A PPB spokesperson did not confirm whether the officers also returned fire through the wall of the apartment building, or if they saw the victim before shooting at him.

The victim will be identified after the Oregon State Medical Examiner confirms his identity and the cause of death.

Howery, who has worked for the PPB for 20 years, and Ramsey, a PPB officer of four years, are both on paid leave until the investigation into the shooting is complete.

Update August 27, 4:30 pm:

Only Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers returned fire during a shootout Friday morning where one person died and a PPB officer was injured. Federal agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) were also present during the shooting, but there is "no indication DEA agents fired weapons," according to PPB Sgt. Kevin Allen.

"We do know that two PPB [Special Emergency Reaction Team] officers fired weapons and the suspect is deceased," said Allen in an email to the Mercury. "The Medical Examiner will determine cause and manner of death."

The names of the two PPB officers who fired their weapons during the shooting will be released tomorrow.

Update August 27, 12:40 pm:

Two Portland police officers fired shots during a shootout that left one person dead in North Portland Friday morning.

The officers responded to the scene with the Portland Police Bureau's (PPB) Special Emergency Reaction Team to assist federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officers. The DEA officers were serving a warrant and requested assistance from PPB when they realized the person was armed, according to a PPB press release.

Both PPB officers are on paid leave while the bureau investigates the shooting. The identity of both officers will be released tomorrow.

One PPB officer was shot in the hip during the shootout and taken to the hospital. That officer is now out of the hospital and recovering at home.

Original story:

One person is dead after Portland police officers and federal officers exchanged shots at a North Portland apartment building Friday morning. It is not clear which agency fired the shots that killed the person.

According to a PPB press release, officers responded to an apartment building at the corner of North Willis Blvd. and North Interstate Pl. in the Kenton neighborhood around 6:30 am Friday morning to assist federal agents serving a warrant.

According to PPB, someone in the apartment had threatened to shoot the federal agents and PPB officers helped evacuate the nearby apartments. At approximately 7:30 am, a PPB officer was shot in the leg.

“Sometime afterward,” a Portland police officer fired shots. It's unclear if the Portland officer killed the suspect.

The injured PPB officer was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The PPB homicide unit is investigating the shooting and North Interstate Ave. remains closed between North Kilpatrick St. and North Argyle St.

If a Portland officer shot and killed the person, PPB policy requires the bureau to release the name of the officer who shot and killed the person within 24 hours.

This story will be updated.