"I made the difficult decision not to join the team as the Director of Communications."

See, this is the sort of communications chops Wheeler thought he'd get from a reality tv exec.

If you're on the clock, then you've already joined the team. If, after that, you decide to leave it's called "quitting."

2's just so sad. If Mayor Tammy (Ted+Sam) could just somehow find someone who's qualified and plugged into the on-going issues of City Hall, someone who spends a lot of time there and has established connections, maybe someone like a reporter from one of the local papers. Oh, wait...


"Wiseley leaves with the utmost respect for the Mayor." Utmost may mean "enormous" but the choice of descriptive word makes it sound like there's an enormous "butt" most to avoid spending time with especially in Ted's office with the door closed.


Our murder rate is exploding, our streets are filled with homeless folks and federal benefits are about to expire in the midst of a pandemic. So what does our Mayor do? He schedules an emergency session so Portland can boycott Texas. Great. I'm sure all the people stepping on discarded junkie needles in my neighborhood are worried about whether the city procured paper napkins from some company in Houston. Portland is a city run for white affluent liberals who don't care about gang violence or any of the other reasons our city is basically going to shit. No wonder she Wisely bailed, ha ha.

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