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A scene from a 2017 Indigenous Peoples Day rally in Los Angeles.
A scene from a 2017 Indigenous Peoples' Day rally in Los Angeles. David McNew / Getty Images

Good morning, Portland! Today is Indigenous Peoples' Day. Take a moment to hear what this day means to Native Americans, especially now that it has been formally recognized by a sitting US President. Here's how the day is being celebrated locally. Now, for the news:

- Voodoo Doughnut has been ordered to rehire employees who were fired after going on strike during the June heatwave, per a ruling by the National Labor Relations Board. The board determined Thursday that it was illegal for management to fire its employees for protesting their sweltering work environment.

- A momentous Oregon Supreme Court ruling has the potential to clear all current death sentences in the state, and possibly ending Oregon’s death penalty once and for all. Blair Stenvick breaks it down here.

- The Oregonian visited Salem Hospital, home to one of Oregon's busiest ICUs treating largely unvaccinated people with COVID-19. Take a sobering peek behind the curtain of life as a nurse treating patients "facing all-but-certain death." (And maybe share it with your anti-vax aunt, too).

- No one asked, but Portland's notorious cop union, the Portland Police Association, published a five-year plan for Portland police. Surprise: It calls for adding 800 more officer positions.

- Make time for this deep dive into the history of anti-fascism in Portland:

- A shooting in a St. Paul, Minnesota bar killed one person and injured more than a dozen others—making it one of the largest mass shootings in the city's history. Three men have been arrested in connection of the shooting.

- Rejoice! Anthony Fauci sez your kids can go trick-or-treating this year!

- In less thrilling youth news: A Tennessee judge has made a living incarcerating children—some for crimes that don't exist. Let this exquisite piece of investigative journalism lead you down the rabbit hole.

- A US Navy engineer and his wife were arrested for attempting to sell top secret submarine plans to a foreign leader (oops, it was an undercover FBI agent!). The most compelling part of the story is the the plans were uploaded onto memory cards hidden inside a peanut butter sandwich.

- The Taliban isn't interested in cooperating the US to control extremist groups in Afghanistan, and instead says it can handle the Islamic State solo. A real "Thanks but no thanks" situation.

- The entire country of Lebanon lost power for 24 hours over the weekend, underscoring the country's chronic fuel shortage crisis. Apparently, the country only has enough fuel to keep Lebanon's lights on for just three more days.

- And now, the moment you've been waiting for: Here's Justin Bieber's new music video feat. Diane Keaton.