God dammit, I love data!


Are people seriously this one dimensional?
If you want to surge hiring you need to plan an expansion of the police force.
If you want to fire a bunch of cops or force them to quit, you need to have a hiring surge before that.

The response time data is of particular interest. I'd be curious to learn how the police decided to use their resources during its peak.

Are there any correlations between Portland crime statistics and online advocacy of criminal behavior?


The term would be unincorporated nonprofit association, that is assuming a common lawful purpose...

What other forms of participation and/or association would overlap among these 4 individuals?


Christ almighty, this is the saddest shit I've seen in here in a looooong time. You should be embarrassed, the report reads like a joke to trick ideologues into outing themselves as morons.


There is a difference between writers and scribes.


There are problems with the city crime statistics they are using, if you click through to their full report and compare with city's posted 'total crime' counts which go back to May 2015. This data analyst's monthly crime totals appear to match that of the city for 2016-2020, but the city shows a total of 5915 crimes for August 2021, 6232 for October 2021, and 5765 crimes for Oct 2020. But their report says they went through Oct 2021 but the data analyst is showing 5600 crimes as the highest monthly number in 2021 and 2020. You can see that in the figure highlighted in this article, the maximum monthly count is 5600 crimes even though the city had at least three months that were quite a bit higher. Plus, by doing a single variable regression, they are not accounting for clear shifts that occurred during the six year period, such as the decision to sharply reduce enforcement of drug crimes after May 2020. They should have gone back further than 2016 if they wanted to capture variation in the # of police officers, which does not really have meaningful variation on a monthly basis anyway. In their linked report, # Portland officers goes from ~615 in 2017 up to 660 in 2018, then back down to 620 officers in 2019, then up again to 650 in the second half of 2020. What does this year to year variation even mean?


If you can't question it, it's propaganda.

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